What is Biomechanics?

Positioning method designed and carried out by Eng. Emilio Buzzi with the collaboration of the Instituto di Mecanica applied to the macchine of the Faculty of Ingegneria Della Università di Pavia and of the Institute of Sports Medicine of the Fondazione Maugeri di Pavia University, Milan (ITALY) .

CPS is an exclusive and innovative scientific method based on determining the back of the saddle, analyzing the thrust on the pedal and the position on the handlebar.

The positioning of the saddle is determined by means of a computerized simulator cycle, looking for the ideal position on the bike according to the needs of the cyclist

By means of precision dynamometers maximization of the thrust vector on the pedal is performed, optimizing in each subject the muscular work together with an improvement in the aerodynamic aspect of the cyclist.

Said dynamometers can be used when checking overloads on the handlebar, in order to solve problems of comfort, cervical, herniated discs, etc …

The CPS system ultimately allows the cyclist to obtain an ideal posture based on their morphological characteristics and their needs as a cyclist.

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