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Join the club and sign up for the exits! We went up to Istán and cycled through great local landscapes!


The important thing is not the journey but the experience!

Every cyclist falls into the routine at some point – turns on the same circuits, the same routes and the same cafes, and climbs chosen for their proximity to the office. Marbella Bike Club is what makes these routines explode, forcing cyclists to climb unscheduled slopes, never tested coffees.

What does Marbella Bike Club mean? For us it is doing what we like most surrounded by our friends.

Marbella Bike Club is not a club or a brand to use. We like to call it a lifestyle. All our personality is embodied in him.

Both when we ride a bike and when we enjoy the city, as we go out pedaling, what we do afterwards, the music we listen to, the places we visit, the trends we like, the friends who collaborate with us … all this is MBC.

“MBC” does not include labels or levels, it only intends to take our spirit to all those who enjoy doing what they really like.

We are based in Marbella, we explore spots in search of experiences that reflect our spirit and we create garments that represent our vision and lifestyle.

Our products are developed, customized and finished in Andalusia by nearby workshops.

We want to show that cycling is much more than hard ramps, faces of suffering and epic ports. We want to teach the most social and beautiful side of cycling.

The first question that arises is to know to what extent the needs of a cyclist and those of a man are different.

MBC is more emotional and is governed more by aesthetics, both for the bicycle and its accessories. His tastes are varied: what one finds horrible another loves!

That is the idea of ​​MBC, of ​​being an exchange space that aims to hold social events every week and become, through the Internet, the starting point of group tours.

For this to work, the key is that more and more cyclists are left to go pedaling.

That is why we are creating a community so that they get to know each other, adjust their schedules and organize themselves according to their level or geographic zones.

We do it in the store, but also through the RRSS (like, for example, Instagram) or a community in Strava… That they talk and organize among themselves, far beyond what we can do. On social networks they ask us for tours and ideas!

Ironman arrives in Marbella

Since the IronMan phenomenon that includes IRONMAN 70.3 ( Half of the distance in miles) and other formats, it has been growing worldwide, with more than 135 events with presence in the 5 continents and around 250 000 entry, number that is growing fast every year.

The WTC ( World Triatlon Corporation ) has become in one of the enterprises with more participation and prestige of the world in event organization. It is part of the Wanda Group just as other sport companies such as Rock and Roll Marathon, Cape epic o Velothon, ITU world series….

It has all the requiments to be successful:

  • Institutional support, good communication and services.
  • Sport circuits with a great appealing
  • Unique background for the event, Puerto Banus
  • International dimension and touristic appealing
  • Excellent weather and beautiful spaces for the triathlon practice
  • Hostel and leisure contrasted capacities
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Training spot

What we do?

Custom training,”we help you reach your goals”, uncut control and surveillance of the training process for expert trainers. Present supervision and online. Groups of training. Training camps, fluent and personal communication with your trainer.

How we do it?

First interview: Schedule creation, Installations and possibilities of the athlete in general.
Review of the actual physical settings – “where are we”
Determination of the goals during the season – “where are we going”
Schedule of all the rounds of training. “ How we do it “

Training Point brand Training Point brand Training Point brand

Álvaro Lucena Navarro

Graduated in Sports sciences

Superior trainer in Triatlon

Certificated trainer in IRONMAN

Licenciado en ciencias del deporte.

Entrenador superior de triatlón.

Entrenador certificado de Ironman.